What are the Emerging trends in IT Solution & Services 2020?

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What are the Emerging trends in IT Solution & Services 2020?

The market of IT managed services is expected to grow from about 180.5 billion dollars to about 300 million dollars by the year 2023, at a rate of about 9.3 percent per year.

Information Technology Solutions & Services companies are targeting to achieve about 245 billion dollars by the year 2022 with a CAGR of about 11 percent throughout the forecast interval. 

Businesses in the present day are very much dependent on the IT services that you offer for performing activities in your operations departments and meet the market standards, leading to becoming one of the best IT establishments across the globe. Often, companies face this issue of handling lots of customer requests because of infrastructural problems, however, with the advancements in the technological sector, these companies are making internal changes in the IT department to cater all the business requirements easily. For example – your IT department receives many tickets that are raised because of system issues, however, it’s not only you who are raising these tickets, but most of your colleagues also do raise tickets simultaneously. This means that your IT team is completely flooded with multiple tickets every single day.

Information Solution and Services
Collabera Information Technologies Solutions & Services (ITSS)

When you are working in an organization, you often come across issues when you won’t be able to login into your system or perform your daily activities because of network issues. There are also various other service outages that you come across on a daily basis, however, there’s a little that you can do to control it unless your organization enhances its IT managed services. Therefore, keeping all these aspects in mind, organizations understood the importance of IT managed services, and have started to onboard enhanced and advanced IT solutions within the business processes effectively.

Benefits of Information Technologies Solutions & Services (ITSS

ITSS platforms are responsible to ensure functionality round-the-clock by enhancing the IT infrastructure and the services that your organization offers. These are some of the features of having an effective IT infrastructure within your company:

–    Liberating resources to allow your core competencies to get implemented appropriately. The ITSS acts as a replacement to the IT team, and this helps you in expanding and growing your businesses across the world.

–    Helps you in remaining within the planned budget by partnering with ITSS. This helps your business processes to get beneficial accesses to brand new technology. It also enhances your IT infrastructure to the core. It also helps you in maintaining your operational expenses efficiently.

–    You will be able to enjoy an improved and enhanced compliance services, with accurate outcomes that help you in taking decisions effectively. With the help of latest technology and enhanced infrastructure, your employees will be able to get the best and accurate outcomes to fixing all security issues, minimize all the threats, reduce the processing time, and help in recovering lost beneficial data.

Employing a positive approach towards the maintenance aspects, rather than fixing issues helps you in managing the growth of your business and keeping your employees satisfied, should be your motive.

Demand for the IT managed services is a hot topic in the industry

IT management companies offering the best IT managed services are gaining a lot of attention from various organizations in the market across all the industries. IT managed services are preferred by most of the companies because of the following reasons:

–    The turbulent and macroeconomic environment is quite uncertain

–    High pressure to create and stay abreast of all the technological enhancements simultaneously.

–    The necessity for adhering to all the regulatory and compliance requirements

–    Absence of domain knowledge and expertise within the teams internally.

The dynamic and uncertain market is in a mode of transformation, with lots of new opportunities and promising trends emerging throughout the year.

Trends of 2020 that helps your organization in maximizing business benefits:

  1.   Enhanced Security –

The IT management companies offer the best IT managed services that assist your business processes to fix all the loopholes that can cause security complications for you. It always alerts you in case of any threats and helps you in handling the security services of your enterprise data and information. As technology is growing every single, the cyber-attacks have also significantly increased. The MSPs ensure to make great efforts in managing your data and secure all the client’s confidential information. They also come up with unique contingency plans that can help your organization to recover from the losses occurred in cyber-attacks.

  1.   Cloud-based automation –

New platforms are ruling the market because of the kinds of services and securities it offers. To improve customer engagement and meeting the client’s expectations appropriately, these new platforms offer services that every organization craves for. Cloud is one of the best platforms that have been introduced in the market and is still ruling the 2019 market because of the secured environment it offers.

With the cloud, it becomes easier for organizations to reduce the workload of their people and come up with incredible automation processes to effectively manage and deliver services to the clients.

  1.   Independent software and telecom service providers –

In 2020, most of the telecom companies have also started to leverage their manpower and expertise in the IT sector in order to develop their managed services and infrastructure. They work on various subscription models to constantly deliver unique solutions to the companies. The best part about collaborating with the telecom service providers is the assurance that they promise in maintaining the data quality and services for all your clients.

  1.   Usage of IoT and blockchain-

IoT and Blockchain technology is a boon to the technological industry, developed by the greatest minds across the world. IoT or Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology have the capability to create more and best opportunities for the ITSS sector. With the right skill set and expertise, you will be able easily to implement these products in your organization to make the most out of it.


With the help of the internet and technology, it has become easier for companies to manage the data efficiently and effectively. Data is considered as the backbone of the service industry have to be managed carefully in order to avoid complications and generate profits for your company.


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