Powerful ways to nurture inclusion at the workplace

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Powerful ways to nurture inclusion at the workplace

Developing a healthy workplace is equal to raising your kids with good morals and healthy habits. Many HR organization’s claim, the term inclusion is more buzz than action. Why so? What is it all about? How does it help to develop a workplace? Does this question bother you? If yes, then continue reading how Collabera prioritizes Diversity and Inclusion. 

Diversity and Inclusion at Collabera

What does Inclusion mean?

If you talk about inclusion at the workplace is equal to seeing everyone with the same filter. Many people talk about it, but no one follows their words. According to a survey, 80% of the employees want their employers to have inclusion in the workplace.

To make it explicit, Inclusion at the workplace is a concept where nobody is discriminated depending on gender, age, colour, religion and anything left. Inclusion is equal to non-discrimination. If every employee is treated the same at the office, then it can develop a healthy environment at the workplace.

What makes the need for Inclusion in the workplace?

Every recruitment agency in Sydney like Collabera has employees coming from different origins, families, colours, religion etc. It would have a diversity in the employee community. To make everyone treated the same way, it is essential to bring in inclusion. Some rules that are not biased, some privilege that is for all. Here are some powerful ways to nurture inclusion at the workplace:

Educate the managers

If your managers would learn to bring in inclusion and treat everyone the same, then it would be easy for the company to develop a healthy workplace. A manager’s acts like a connecting link between the employees and company management. In such a case, a small decision of the manager would bring considerable changes in an employee’s life.

If you want your company to have inclusion in the workplace, then the concept of racism should be erased out of their mind. If the leaders are thinking equal for everyone, then inclusion would happen. You can schedule meeting and workshops to make your managers learn to be unbiased and be a good manager and work together for the development of the company. 

You can evaluate their concept with time, and you must get their feedback with time. It is essential to have inclusion at the workplace for the recruitment agencies as well. Mainly people who are in companies like Collabera offering IT staffing services should accept inclusion. They are dealing with the global audience, which does not suit well to people with racist mind-set. 

Create an inclusive culture at your office

It is not enough that you are training your managers to have inclusion in the workplace. You have to creature culture to have inclusion at the workplace. The easiest and better step is to facilitate. For the best recruitment agencies of the world like Collabera, the hiring process is inclusive for candidates of a different culture, colours, region and religion. It showcases the full range of talents you have in your talent pool. 

It has been a very odd trend that women earn less than a man holding the same post and works with the same experience. 

If you are focusing on the culture of inclusion, then you must have a universal holiday calendar that would include significant holiday of all cultures. It would be better if you focus on small occasions of different culture and allow leaves to the people belonging to the culture. These small steps towards inclusion would bring significant change in you and your company. 

Set inclusion goals

When you are working to bring in inclusion at the workplace, then you must set goals for you and your team as well. Train your managers and make them easy to communicate with the employees. Your employees should feel free to talk to the manager whenever they need any help from the company. You must communicate with your team and get regular feedback. That will help you understand the growth of inclusion in the workplace. 

Conduct ice-breaking sessions

Even if you train your managers and make your mind to have inclusion at the workplace, still you may not achieve it. Many people don’t feel free to communicate with others. Therefore, you must conduct such programs that would let the different lines coincide with each other. You can make groups for projects and keep changing the groups for different projects so that everyone could work with most of the team. You can conduct potluck lunches. You can also ask them to take the lead at times. They should develop their voice to stand against wrong and make the workplace a beautiful one.

Create opportunities for employee engagement

The more you engage your employees, the more they would feel equal. They would feel similar and work together. There will be no racism, not competition. If your company has multiple branches, then conduct different branch visit for your employees with time. You can also conduct and an employee survey to understand their growth and find the flaws to make them better. You can also assign a diversity mentor to make your employee gel up with their colleagues. The more they will communicate; the more will be inclusion at the workplace. 

Overall inclusion at workplace defines the humanity that people should have. Their colours, culture and religion, should not be determined. 

At Collabera Australia everyone is equally treated and is made feel equal. Erasing out the lines of diversity would be the fuel to fly the plane of unity and inclusion. You can find more ideas and an opportunity to make things possible for the team. 

It’s very evident, that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a crucial part. At Collabera Recruiting and hiring, candidates with various demographics enable us to support the businesses we operate.


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