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Technology and Services

In these highly competitive markets, IT Leaders are constantly introducing new products and services to stay ahead of the competition. The pressure that rests on the developers to release products with short delivery timelines requires additional resource shoulders. Considerable decrease in the development cycles requires an ambitious team that works on tight schedules for product launch or service launch.

Multifarious skill sets within the team could rank between Cloud Computing, Big Data, and DevOps and yet the assurance of every resource to perform continuously is obscure. Collabera provides diverse skill sets in IT and ITES resources that help our clients meet their business needs. They stay ahead in an extremely competitive market.

Collabera regularly hires skilled platform – independent Integrated Developers, UI developers, Mediation application consultants, Mobile App Developer(Cordova/Ionic/MobileFirst), Mobile App Developer (Cordova/Ionic/MobileFirst), Tech Lead – Java/J2EE, Spring Boot, Application Developer – Back End. We even source, train and deploy Microservices developer, Datapower Developer, Application Developer, Senior Developer–Datastage and Netezza/Oracle, Datastage & Oracle Junior Developer, Datastage & Oracle Junior Developer for our clients. And these are exclusive of our Niche hiring skill sets for IT industry – we hire and deploy top talent according to our client’s requirements.

We’ve extended our services to Staff Augmentation, Vendor Management and Managed services over the years at all possible geographies. Our clients get to choose the engagement model and required services other than hiring, IT services etc. And it doesn’t stop at hiring! Collabera even provides ‘Attrition/Backup’ support on mission critical resources and so much more…

Energy and Power Utility Landscape

Energy and Utilities Industry works with limited natural resources and therefore demand highly competitive vendor service quality. Collabera understands how our clients employ skilled professionals work on constant challenges, like a change in government regulation, rising pressure on resource optimization, environmental damage and rampant project mergers and associations.

Our IT services and hiring team plays a very crucial part in saving energy and identifying the patterns of utilization and operations. This helps companies in being more productive and more profitable. It is extremely important for companies in Energy Services and Utilities to adopt latest technologies in order to cope with the rising demands from consumers.

Our team understands client’s needs in Energy Services and Utility domain and Collabera’s client-centric approach that ensures delivery within stipulated timelines. Especially skilled account manager and his set of recruiters or IT Team are assigned to a particular client at a time. That helps us manage dedicated support for that client and help our client company be more competitive. Collabera ensures that clients get exactly what they need to meet their business requirements. Collabera has all the qualities for operating in energy services and utility domain. Our client base includes all large energy and utility companies across the world. Collabera has a comprehensive IT services and IT hiring portfolio, more than three decades of cumulative IT hiring experience. Our professionalism extends to researching our clients region, market and industry extensive overview of government laws and regulations. We ensure that we explore all possible resume uploads before we shortlist candidates for our client.

We have work experience hiring pipeline operators who are always under pressure to reduce costs of monitoring pipeline networks. Our team understands POWER AND ENERGY problems and feels one with the client to deliver top drive SOLUTIONS. We can help you achieve efficiency and service continuity! We can help you achieve affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy consumption and power distribution. Be it Labor vendors globally, business unit heads, risk engineers, or even support roles for Drilling engineer, and Petroleum Engineer – we can hire relevant people for all.

Retail and Manufacturing

Lines are blurring between these two industries today due to considerable #Digital #Transformation. Globalized experience in handling these industry driven responsibilities is core strength in recruits or employees of our distinguished clientele. Our clients have scaled their business processes and automated most of their heavy data storage and lifts. We managed their entire recruitment and overseen the entire flow from start to finish on the assembly line.

Be it Customer Acquisition team resources, Digital Operations team, Compliance or Support team – Feel free to reach out for each of these positions – we’ll make sure these are never vacant again. Sourcing reliable trustworthy engineers for all the industrial field work patterns is difficult and yet Collabera has proudly delivered quality closures on our client requirements.

Collabera takes equal responsibility in hiring the best for our clients – from floor managers, warehouse managers, to Chief Retail Operations Officer. We’ve resolved the pain points for our clients in terms of vendor management and branch operations management. Personnel attrition and re-hiring for that same position in this industry has always been a steady soreness for our clients. We have prospected, sourced, and interviewed industry top talent to help our clients find their Chief Operations Strategist. Rely on us for your staffing problems and we assure you an answer within a few hours of your request.

Never before seen Tech & Operations Hiring Schedules are available. Call Us Today!


Automotive industry needs process driven hiring schedules within stipulated timelines. Our clients from this industry always head towards cost control, risk moderation, power management. They know and need procedural automation increasing supervision & command within their culture to succeed. Over the years, Collabera has ensured prominent control over attrition within our client’s business units (BU). Our account management teams have ensured that our clients are satisfied and continuously maintain compliance with ever-increasing regulations.

We’ve helped our clients with augmented performance and real-time productivity metrics within the Finance & Administration Division. We have managed to source 20+ RPA professionals with a mission critical mix of Mechanical engineering skill sets for our clients in a short span of 14 days. That’s record breaking internal profile processing time considering it’s a new skill and a niche industry profile. Collabera always strives to do way more than what’s expected of us, be it optimized distribution and workload reallocation, resources & responsibilities.

Whether it’s the vision of driverless car project, self-driving car portal, optical sensors, autonomous machines, robotic transformation project; we are ready to work on your requirements. Hiring for roles deeply aligned with technical disruption in any industry is our forte. Be rest assured, each of your resources will be trained by us to understand the optimistic predictions, dynamicity within the Automotive Industry. Contact our support team today for your list of AutoCAD Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Freshers, experienced software architects, Mech. engineers and construction professionals. Email Us Now!

Banking Finance Service

Collabera has for past 20+ years demonstrated core expertise in hiring for the Banking & Financial sector. Hiring for banking operations within Collabera UK can be classified under transactional, Governmental or Retail. We develop comprehensive end to end resource hiring requirement and sourcing for Savings, Current, Debit Card, Credit Card, Mortgage, Equity or Mutual Fund, and Loan departments.

If you’re not a bank, do not worry, we have experience working for trading partners, monetary exchange or commercial property management companies too. From C-level executives to sub tier vendors – we have stepped in for all these companies with our people, process and product management teams. Only, to make sure their projects are aligned within client defined realistic time- frame, scope, budget, etc.

Insurance Operations pan UK regions has never been easy. Be it insurance vertical with project managers, Customer Claims manager, reinsurers, or the insurance agents. We have always been in the forefront of hiring such experts. Our hires have been reviewing all time business cases, management directives, functional and technical documentation to learn the work culture and objectives. They are inducted to support decision implementation between internal stakeholders and senior management to adhere project objectives.

Collabera can hire resources to check the technical feasibility before launching your insurance portal, or we could even co-brainstorm ideas for your next venture capital firm. Contact us today to resource right talent & their work allocation.

Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Health Care

New Pharmacy, Life Sciences & Health Care aligned technologies has brisk changes within company driven operations and industry oriented impact. Whether it is simple chemical formulation change, or an ingredient match, companies within these domains, are required to constantly adapt to conditions and implement the latest technologies like IoT, Cloud Computing, Advanced Analytics and Big Data to ease their delivery cycles.

Collabera has helped Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare institutions to stay ahead in an extremely competitive market. We’ve helped align their hiring objectives and funnel their safely operations across all equipments and departments. Maintained chemical product readings, project implementation procedures and regulations across the world through quality driven resources. Collabera has a large network of qualified professionals who are experts in finding resources in all segments of these industries. We’ve made sure that we follow all SOPs’ Standard Operating Procedure & maintain Hiring Batch records to help these companies function 24*7.

Throughout last few years, we’ve managed to help our clients maintain the following list of software.

Human Resources Management System | Claims Management and Insurance Mainframe | Healthcare ERP | Hospital Management Software
Radiological Information System | Electronic Medical Records | Decision Support System | Pharmaceutical Management System | Laboratory Information System | Asset Management and Monitoring | Enterprise Resource Planning | Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence | Mobile Technologies

Collabera has a proven record of helping Pharmacy, Life Sciences and Health Care industries find the right help at the right time.

Major areas supported in Pharmacy, Life Sciences & Health Care Industries by both our IT services and Hiring or Staff Augmentation service delivery teams. Be it prescription filling, Pharmaceutical accounts, Chemical workflow management, IP Management, Compounding and even Claims Management – we’ve hired for all these functions. Whether, it is an Online Health Consultation portal, Patient Billing and Batch Record maintenance. We understand that all Data must be recorded by the technician within stipulated timelines.

Media & Communications

We helps our recruits thrive within our client organizations, our Media and Communications network extend way beyond UK alone. We work with top level, advertiser corporate, publishing companies, Data Research Firms, and Digital PR brands. We’ve sourced and placed Programmatic Search Analysts, Media Audience Forecasters, Media Buying Managers, media Analytics, or Customer Engagement positions. We’ve even sourced, contracted with vendors and exclusive experts in Video, Mobile, and Native Audience for UK and other International Business (IB) regions.

So, if you are looking for Yield Management, Audience Monetization, Bid Manager, Community Managers, and Ad Space selling – we can help you! It could be anything on lines of media monitoring profiles, corporate communications profiles, Assistant Producer, Assistant Director level roles, VP – communications – do not hesitate, give us a call today!

Off late, social media managers, Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, Podcaster, Blogger, Author, Writer, Journalist, or even media relations consultant, has topped our recruitment lists. So, if you’re a deserving candidate with media experience and wish to apply for Media opportunities? Please feel free to reach out to us through our website today.


Gone are those days, when aerospace was dominated by Missiles, Satellites and Spacecrafts. This field has new trend that has commercialized its stature. Drones today have made Aerospace easily accessible and an interesting field of study. Collabera strives to maintain liaisons with companies in this space. We have years of experience in hiring for Aerospace Design, Testing, Manufacture, and Research. We’ve hired resources from CAD Software institutes, and aeronautical engineering batches.

Whether it’s taking Geological measurements, or Ariel shots, maintaining aircraft control panel or redesigning drone synchronization; our hires have struggled all the way to success in last few years. Unlike earlier times, government support in this field has given aerospace its respect. Today it is counted among top 7 engineering choicest fields of study. It is often overlapped with Astronautical engineering and Aeronautical fields of study. Generation Z and Millennia today need quality of life and this profession can deliver all that. From airframe design, wingspan moderation, to fluid dynamics, radiation codes, combustion chambers, solid mechanics, Boeing structures, launch vehicles, chutes and much more.

Although, we have hired for these exclusive opportunities, in case you would like to apply for Aerospace jobs. Reach us now via this website.