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How to Recruit in the Australia amidst Virus Outbreak?

Due to COVID-19, several businesses are going through tremendous loss and dealing with issues related to employees. The companies who can survive their business in this situation is blessed enough. But the question stands here is to find new talent amist Virus Outbreak.

Digitize the Recruitment Process or Find a recruitment Partner like Collabera Australia

An employee who can become an asset of the company is always required. But the ethnic recruitment process could not be followed due to the current situation. Then what to do now? We have a solution for it as well. Let’s discuss how to deal with this situation and recruit new talent seamlessly. The recruitment process is a mixture of the online and offline method. Nowadays, advertising is done through an online platform, but the final interviews are performed offline.

Post this pandemic where you are working from home, you cannot recruit new employees by interviewing them in person. You can digitise the entire recruitment process. Starting from advertising, candidate application, interviews, everything you can plan online and perform as well. This is how you can reduce the cost of recruitment and deal with a new recruitment challenge.

Communicate well – Regular Verbal and Written Modes of Appreciation

Since you are not meeting the person one on one, which is why you need to be transparent with everything that you communicate through emails, messages, or phone calls. A complete communication would lead to hiring better employees for the company. By interacting with the candidates, you can know them well, and you can also understand their perspective and expectations from this job. When you are hiring someone, you should know their point of view as well. This will help to understand how much they can get up with the company’s atmosphere and catch up on the work procedure of the company.

Respect the Remote Hiring Process and the Struggling Candidature

We all understand interviewing a candidate from home might be difficult because of the change in atmosphere, the setup and everything. Even if the process takes more time, you should invest that time and make sure the candidate has a proper structure. Both of you should have a stable internet connection, either a laptop, tablet or at least a smartphone. The room you are sitting should be silent. Keep all disturbing element away from you. It might you’re your mobile or any other part. If you are working from your home and your family lives with you, then please inform them about the interview you will get in and ask them not to disturb you until you get done with the interview.

Be before time and Deliver Beyond Expectations – Tough Competitive World Outside!

Respect time otherwise time will not wait for you. This is why if you have scheduled some interviews, then make sure you join on time. Since you are relying on gadgets completely with this recruitment procedure, then you must know they can betray you anytime, or you might have a technical issue with your network. This is why you should always check the connections thirty minutes before you join the interview. If anything goes wrong, then inform the candidate in time so that they don’t develop any negative view about the company. Be on time to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

Sourcing, Interviewing Candidates and Then Sorting Applications is Priority

Since this pandemic has shuffled everything out there, you need to work on the talent pool. Several changes have occurred in everyone’s life in this couple of months. Make sure you work on the talent pool before you generate a completely new recruitment schedule. If you have something to work with, then you should finish it first and then proceed with the new recruitment process. Generating talent pools requires a lot of time and hard work. Check the previous talent pool worked out by the company. Try to make things possible from there otherwise start a new recruitment process.

Prepare To Answer Questions Regarding The Company Dealing With The Outbreak.

Since everyone is dealing with this virus outbreak, you should be prepared to answer a question regarding this. A candidate may ask you about the company’s status after this virus outbreak. They may ask you about the measures that you are taking to deal with this situation. They may ask about the plans of the company to work in this situation, keeping the panic aside. Nowadays, people are also updated. They understand the company’s structure and work procedure and then decide whether to join or not. Most important question, these days on how candidates enquire about the organizational culture is about ‘how the firm survived the COVID attack’.

Plan For the Online Job Roles and Relevant Policy Structure – Let Collabera Help You!

Until these work from home mode turns down to the regular office, you should plan to offer work from home for the new employees. Before you recruit them, you should find a position for them in the company. And you should make sure that they can optimise the work process from home. If you want to get the work going on, then you should find such a job role which could be performed from home. Since you are making a new online recruitment strategy, then you should think further and create a job role that suits work from home.

Advantages    – Pros of the Remote Work Model

  • You are not wasting time to wait for the situation to get through these standards and getting the work done on time.
  • You can maintain the no-touch policy to fight the pandemic with online recruitment.
  • The process is cost-effective, which help to save some bucks of the company and still get the results.

Disadvantages  – Cons of the Remote Work Model

  • It may be time consuming. Since the entire process is based on telecommunication and internet, it may take more time than usual. You can expect technical and network issues in between the process.

Have you heard of our Virtual Pods workforce solution? Collabera recently launched a team employed at client’s organization in no time. Fully trained and ready to roll – reach out to us through the web portal. Or feel free to walk-in by appointment at Collabera Sydney or Melbourne offices. Every unwanted situation teaches us something new and also gives the original method to deal with the situation. As nature has brought up this virus outbreak, we have to deal with it and make every work seamless. Likewise, we can recruit seamlessly. Whether for your company or any other company, you can run the entire recruitment process online and beat the unwanted situation. Finding a way out of the adverse situation is the best possible thing we can do. Rise from this pandemic and recruit seamlessly.


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