Clients Depend on Collabera, Top Tech Recruiter in Australia to Go Virtual

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Clients Depend on Collabera, Top Tech Recruiter in Australia to Go Virtual

Collabera Technologies is an IT services firm that takes care of outsourced Hiring solutions, Learning, resource development and Business Transformation and Infrastructure services for our clients.

The growth of tech-specific jobs in multiple industries has kept pace, indicating that tech enabled companies are now open to manage global hiring demands. The focus post pandemic in Australian recruitment process has shifted to a more virtual tech friendly environment. These hiring trends stay compatible with the millennial IT freshers and the experienced developers around the world. 

These trends highlight how most of the Collabera clientele in Australia have quickly adapted to changes in consumer demand and regulatory parameters to juggle after the lockdown. Environmental changes that show positive impact by the coronavirus pandemic, among other factors have influenced banks, Insurance companies, fintech and healthcare companies to improve their tech skills strengths in house to differentiate in this competitive landscape. Major skills for which companies are hiring today are: 

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • ML (Machine Learning) 
  • Full stack Development (Angular, React and WAMP and LAMP) 
  • IT security 
  • Network Security 
  • SDE that specialize in niche skills 
  • Database Developers

The working landscape comprising Gen Z and millennials are expected to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020. The Corona has only given a more compelling reason to hire more technology enthusiasts. Companies are expected to create a seamless, tech-enabled recruitment journey and onboard candidates with utmost comfort level. It’s observed in Collabera that 40% job applications today come from mobile recruitment opportunities. 

One particular trend that is seen is by developing hyper personalization customer centric capabilities. Using AI and real-time data sets to compete and analyse the new demands of the most informed customer. 

Collabera has helped clients implement compliance measures, like effective licensing and IT software audit regulations virtually. Clearly helping clients to Digitize their operations for a more connected global audience.  

  •   Utilize Mobile Technology– It is needless to say that the millennial generation is highly dependent on mobile. Though mobile has replaced a number of devices even if the person is not using those apps very frequently but having the habit of using a mobile phone. This habit is also supported by Australian companies. 
  •   Recruit Interns– A great benefit that the Australian Companies take from campus hiring is to hire the interns first. Though this is not a unique thing, still most of the companies hire recruiters or recruitment agents when they are searching for an employee. The interns are hired and trained in house to benefit client company norms . After the internship period is over the interns who are doing good are hired an employee.
  •   Be More Aware – As it is already mentioned that the millennial generation has a habit of using social media. This is why the Australian companies are focusing on promoting their company on social media and sharing the job details and the employee experience in the company. You might have seen various ads talking about the Australian companies advertising for job vacancies directly through social media to get wife to reach to the youngsters.
  •   Prefer Quality over Quantity– A work done by a 10 individuals in a group can be done faster if the right skill and experience comes to help. This is why Australian companies prefer quality over quantity. They want skilled employees who are having sufficient knowledge and are also able to execute those skills in proper time and place. Collabera conducts rigorous technical tests before the candidate is onboarded.  
  •   Bot Based Hiring – Since the companies are looking for responsible millennials, who all are extremely habituated with automated devices and software. reaching out to them through handheld smartphones help but interviewing them using automated software processes doesn’t help.  Collabera Australia from Melbourne and Sydney help run the recruitment process faster and maintain every minute data to keep the clients informed on the efforts realized every passing day. 

Basically, these are the recent trends that have helped our clients go virtual in a matter of weeks post CoVID-19.  Are you interested? Contact us today


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